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Interested in taking piano lesson in southampton area?
I’ll help ladies and little ones to learn the piano!




Currently, my evening teaching slots are full.
 There are a few daytime slots.
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The Piano Lessons For Ladies

Lady's Piano: "Re-Start Piano"

Did You Learn the Piano Before But Haven’t Played for a While?

Lady's Piano: "Play Your Dream Piece"

Want to Play a Special Piece for Your Friends or Family on a Special Day?

Lady's Piano: "Make a First Step"

Are You an Absolte Beginner? Excellent! Hassle-Free Lessons are Here!

The Piano Lessons For Your Little Ones

Kid's Piano: Preschooler

Do You Have a VERY Young Musician in Your House?

Kid's Piano: Infant (YR-Y2)

Is Your Little Child Interested in Plyaing The Piano?

Kid's Piano: Junior (Y3-Y6)

Your Growing Child Can Learn the Piano Really Well!

Hi! I'm Asuka!

piano teacher Asuka pianist

I’m a busy working mum with two fantastic children.

After a looooooong gap, I re-started playing the piano in Summer 2018.

And, surprise, surprise, within a little over ONE year, I passed ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory, and Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8 Piano!

I also started learning singing in October 2019 and passed Grade 8 Singing in March 2020!

Rapid progress? Yes.

Because I’m a gifted musician?
Not at all!

This is because I just know one little secret to make my dream into reality… 

Our Goal

Practice Effectively, Unleash Your Musicality and Enjoy Your Life

“It (Asuka’s performance) was an incredibly accurate performance with some very original touches, especially when it came to the ending, which was most effective.”

*commented her performance of his piece “Cool.”


From my adorable (and slightly cheeky) children 😉

My mum helped me to pass Grade 1 piano with Distinction in March 2019, and I am working towards my Grade 2 in this Autumn. Since I began to learn the piano from her in October 2018, she has made a piano practice plan for me, and even if I only practice for about ten minutes per day, I still improve every day. She tells me if I make a mistake and helps me to correct it. She spends most of her time playing the piano every day, and she improves all the time. I like her piano playing.
Age 9

* She passed Grade 2 Piano with Distinction! Congratulations, Ruka!!​

My mum teaches me how to play the piano. The way I’m good is all because of her strictness (with smiles!). I’m very happy that she is my piano teacher. She helps me correct the mistakes that I have made. She is obsessed with the piano and is very keen on teaching other people. She enjoys playing the piano for hours.
Age 7

* He passed Grade 1 Piano with Distinction! Congratulations, Fuku!!​

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