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Hi! I'm Asuka!

I’m a Pianist, Organist, Psychologist, Japanese Language Educator, and Mum with two adorable (but sometimes too energetic!) young kids.
In other words, my life is full of chaos and laughter!

I started my musical education at age 3 in Japan. My main instrument was an electric organ, and at age 10, I started learning the piano. I enjoyed making music and won several competitions. 
But I decided to quit at age 12.
Well, at that time, many things happened in my life. We all know what is like to be a teenager, don’t we?

After a loooooong gap, I finally re-started playing the piano in Summer 2018.
Late start? Obviously!
I’m not a teenager anymore – I’m a busy working mum with two kids.
But once I started, I found myself enjoyed playing the piano so much! And I really wanted to improve my piano skill.

I took my first ABRSM exam in November and, to my surprise, passed Grade 5 Piano and Grade 5 Music Theory with both Distinctions!

In 2019, I passed Grade 6 Piano in March with Distinction, and then, Grade 7 Piano in June with Distinction again! And I passed Grade 8 Piano with Merit in November!

(Believe it or not, I also passed Grade 8 Singing with Merit in March 2020, even though I just started learning Singing in Autumn 2019!)

Rapid progress? Yes.

Because I’m a gifted musician?
Not at all!

I just know a little secret HOW to make my dream into reality.

Luckily, I got an M.A. in Education and a Ph.D. in Psychology.
So I know how to make an effective curriculum to master a skill quickly.
I also know how musical education works in Japan, which is very structured and organized.
Based on my knowledge and research, I set up my practice routine and soon found my piano skills improved dramatically (if I can say so!)

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But there was a problem.
I love playing the piano, so I cannot stop playing.
My kids complained!

“Mummy! You play the piano ALL THE TIME!”

(Well, obviously, I don’t play the piano ALL THE TIME.
Kids tend to make a big fuss, as we all know!
I wake them up, feed them, brush their teeth, make sure everything is in their school bag, remind them to go to toilet, and the list goes on and on…)

And they asked a question.

“Should we practice the piano such a long time to become a good pianist?”

What an important question they asked!

My answer is clear.


Then, our experiment began.

I started teaching the piano to my kids in October 2018.
I gave them a well-structured and precise daily practice plan to follow.
The most important part was, that it took only less than 10 minutes per day.

It’s easy, concise, and effective.

And we got a result fairly quickly.

My 9-year-old daughter, Ruka, passed ABRSM Grade 1 Piano with Distinction in March.
It took only five months for her to hit that milestone.
(* Everyone is different, so I cannot guarantee this result, by the way!)

Now both my kids enjoy music and sometimes practice longer because they want to play more! 😉

At the end of the day, who wants to be forced to practice for a long time?

If you can see your or your kids’ astonishing progress with less practice time, isn’t it ideal?

Let’s make it happen. Together.

With best wishes,


Asuka tsuchiya