Let’s enjoy the simple activity to turn your family into a lovely choir.
You can sing harmony to brighten your heart! 

Now we stay at home together, so maybe you pray together as a whole family, or you might want to try a new family activity.

** You can download the score. Just scrole down and click the button below. ↓↓ **

Many, many composers have created millions of beautiful Amen harmonies.
I made this very simple Amen chorus for you so you can sing it in chorus even if you feel like “I’m not a singer”.

The bass part is only one note. So if you struggle to sing another part, you can swap the part.

If you’d like, you can change the word into, for example, “I love you.”

If you live alone, you can play the chords and sing the Soprano part.

** You can download the score to click the button below. ↓↓**

I hope you enjoy music-making.