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Q Where are the lessons held?
I teach all my lessons via online.
You can take my lesson from anywhere!

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Q Do I need a piano at home to take piano lessons?
It is essential to have a piano (or a keyboard) at your home for practice and lessons.
If you don’t have any yet, I’ll give you some advice on how to choose a perfect instrument for you.

Q Will, I need to purchase any additional materials?
Yes. You’ll need to purchase a few textbooks to learn. I’ll discuss with you which textbook will be suitable for you.

Q What is your lesson cancellation policy?
There is a cancellation fee of 100% which applies to all lessons where 24-hour cancellation notice has not been given. Please don’t forget to let me know!

Q How do I pay for lessons?
You can pay by Paypal or online/mobile bank transfer. The fee should be paid a calendar month in advance.

Q How much notice do I need to give before I quit lessons?
Please let me know by the last Monday of the current month you are in.


Q I haven’t had any musical education before. Can I start learning the piano?
Absolutely! “Making a first step” lesson is ideal for you. I’ll guide you through how to read a score, how to play the piano, how to appreciate music etc. 

Q Can we take lessons every other week instead of every week?
Of course! We’ll discuss your lesson schedule in our first lesson to suit your need and situation.

Q Is half an hour-long enough of lesson time for beginners?
Yes! Playing the piano requires huge mental work. 30 mins would be ideal for most beginners. 
We’ll discuss your lesson schedule for our first lesson.

Q How much practice should I do each week?
It depends on your need and situation. It’s better to practice daily, but in most cases, you don’t need hours of practice! 
My policy is, “Make Rapid Progress with Less Practice Time.”
I’ll set up a daily short practice schedule for you in our first lesson.


Q I haven’t had any musical education before. Can I still help my child practice? 
Yes, of course! I’ll show you how to support your child practice effectively.

Q Can I sit in on my child’s music lesson?
Please do so!
I believe it’s essential for little ones to be encouraged by their parent. During lessons, I’ll explain not only to a child but also to a parent so you can get a better way to enjoy music with your child.

Q Can my child take lessons every other week instead of every week?
For young children, the weekly lesson would be better to establish their learning routine and to make rapid progress. We can discuss the lesson schedule for our first lesson.

Q Is half an hour-long enough of lesson time for children?
Yes, especially for young children. 
Learning piano requires huge mental works. Young children will be exhausted after 30 min lesson, and their brain cannot absorb anything after that. 
I can assess your kid’s mental stamina and discuss the lesson schedule with you.

Q How much practice should my child do each day?
I’ll discuss the daily practice plan with you and your child in our first lesson. In most cases, practice time is about 10 minutes each day. 

Q My child is homeschooled. Do you offer morning times?
Yes. Please ask for the availability. 

Q How will I know my child is progressing?
In various ways! 
You’ll find your child start practicing by him/herself without your encouragement. 
You’ll find your child can read a music sheet confidently.
You’ll find your child want to play the piano more.
You’ll find your child are motivated to take a musical exam.
You’ll find your child’s learning attitude improved.
And you also receive a progress report from me at the end of every term.

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