Have gotten fantastic inspiration
for your next masterpiece,
- But cannot remember what it is?

Jot down your musical ideas
on this Music Journal

Anytime, Anywhere!

“My Music Journal” is a small and handy music journal notebook to help you capture your musical ideas anytime anywhere

– And grow it big to express yourself.

As a creative musician, you often get fantastic ideas or gorgeous melodies when you’re out and about.

You say to yourself, “It’s splendid! I’ll compose a piece with it.”

The musical thought you get is so vivid that you believe you can remember the details clearly.

But by the time you make it home, and grab your instrument to play, or open your big music notebook, turn on a complicated state-of-the-art music notation software to record it-

You find yourself forget it entirely!

Sounds familier?

Inspiration unpredictably visits us in any moments,

but it slips through our fingers easily, if you are not ready.

“I frequently hear music in the heart of noise.” 

– George Gershwin

What if you never had to worry about missing your musical idea anymore?

What if there was a way to record whenever the inspiration strikes?


That’s exactly why I created My Music Journal.


You can bring it along wherever you go and jot down your music ideas any time.


Grab your copy and catch your inspiration before it goes away forever!

 “Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.” 

– Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

My Music Journal Series

Small and Handy Journal

It’s not too big to carry around and not too small where you can hardly write on it.

Blank side and Staff side

You can write your thoughts, lyrics, doodle on a blank side and chords, harmonies, melodies on stave side. You can see everything at a glance!

Useful Notation Reference

You can get useful information to write music, such as note lengths, time signatures, key signatures, scales and more!

Everything All Together

My Music Journal holds all your ideas together. {How many of us wrote down our fantastic musical thoughts on loose manuscript paper and lost it forever??}

Imagine if you have something you can take everywhere and jot down all the fabulous ideas and expressive melodies at the right moment,

… Even if you are away from your instrument.

If you ever have the experience that you got ideas or heard a beautiful tune you are inspired when you were out in a city, 

… And forgot them totally by the time you were back home and opened a huge music notebook or music notation software to write down, 

This is what you need.

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”

– Johannes Brahms

Little secrets of “My Music Journal” series…

The flexibility of having both blank and staff paper would be ideal for a creative person to jot down ideas in various forms – text, drawing or notation.

The space between staff lines is big enough to write notation comfortably.

The staff lines are printed clearly so you can write music easily, even in a darker place.

The space between staff are well spaced so you can write lyrics or join them when writing for piano or multiple instruments.

Page numbers allow you to make an index to locate your ideas easily and quickly find them later.

Creamy Yellow color, and good weight (90 gsm) paper serves well for your writings.

It’s a Perfect size to put in a bag or an instrument case and carry with you.

Which Music Journal do you prefer?

“Fresh Inspiration” brightens up your day!
It’s for active musicians.
If you love jogging, vitamin color, healthy lifestyle, or fruits (especially pineapple!), this notebook is for you.
It will cheer you up and motivate you every day.

“Celestial Inspiration” connects deep feelings inside you.
It’s for musical thinkers.
If you love meditation, yoga, gazing stars or spiritual aspects of our life, this journal will be your best friend.
It will calm you down and relax you.s

Who is this music notebook for?

Music Sudents

Perfect for keeping notes for your music studies, theory lessons. You can write harmony, chord progression or contrapuntal motion on the stave side and theory explanations and references on the blank side.

It’s also useful to create a “cheat-sheet” reference book to write down harmonies, cadences, transpositions, figured bass, etc. with explanations. No more cramming is needed!

Music Creators and Songwriters

It helps you to scribble your little music ideas or something caught your ear, and to make them grow into full-scale composition later. 

You can write text, lyrics, poetry, doodling, visual impressions on the blank paper side and sketch out your songs, melodies, chords on the staff paper side. 

Jot down your musical thoughts regularly to express yourself!

Music Teachers

Easier to create your music teaching resources. You can plan the learning outcomes, the structure of the lessons, the teaching points on the left side blank page and write music on the right side staff page.

It is also useful for your students to use this notebook. You can provide lesson notes and exercises as homework, and they can write their composition or arrangement ideas to show you. It fits easily into their bags to bring to your lessons. It will be an excellent record of their music learning journey with you. 

Get a copy of “My Music Journal” series, 

and  jot down your musical inspiration on the go!