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Online Piano Lesson is better than face to face lesson

Due to pandemic, we have been experienced lockdown.

During this time, many tuitions moved to online, including music lessons.

Now lockdown is gradually lifted in most countries, many musical instrument teachers have returned face to face lessons.

Face to face lesson structure is excellent because

  • A teacher can see how you are playing directly.
  • Lessons won’t be disturbed by some online problems, such as slow internet speed, connection cut etc.
  • The atmosphere that we are together.

However, returning face to face lesson can be risky, as it might cause spreading the vicious virus.

And the piano is one of the riskiest music instruments.


Because a student (or students) and a teacher share the same instrument!

For other instrument teachings, a teacher and a student use their own instrument.

But for piano, we touch the same keyboards, sit the same piano chairs.

If you visit your teachers’ house, the instrument can be used with other students.

Your teacher surely cleans the instrument between each lesson but still, we cannot eliminate the transmission risk to zero.

That’s why, even if other instruments’ teacher can start face to face lesson, It would be better for the piano lessons to be run via online.

"Is live online piano lesson good for me?"

Live online piano lesson is good for me?

But you might have some concerns.

Here are some common questions I’ve got.

1. "I'm not sure how to access the online piano lesson."

If this is your first online piano lesson, you might get nervous about how to handle all the technical things.

No worries. There is not so complicated as you might be worried.

The only things you need to attend the online piano lesson is a smartphone, or tablet, or a laptop with a camera and internet connection.

Preferably, the bigger screen will provide a better learning experience, but your smartphone also does the job!

If you join my online lesson, I’ll give you step-by-step instruction on how to attend our online virtual music room. It’s easy to follow and Voila! You can connect with my lesson!

2. "My Wi-Fi is a bit slow, so the sound quality might not be great."

As many people use the internet these days, the speed and the quality of the internet connection is the issue. Sometimes we cannot get better sound quality during the lesson.

But here is the solution.

In my online piano lesson, my students submit their homework as recorded video or audio, and I can give comments in the following lesson.

In this way, the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t disturb your learning!

Recording your playing is straightforward. I’ll tell you how to do that once you join my lesson.

3. "I'm an absolute beginner. Is it possible to learn the piano online?"

Yes! Some of my students started learning piano from me online as a beginner, and their piano skills have been improved dramatically!

Having a dedicated teacher, who knows exactly which direction you need to go forward is the key elements of rapid progress.

I’ll hold your hands (virtually) and support you to develop your piano skills better and faster!

My live online piano lesson is a much better option than face to face lesson because…

online piano lesson

1 COVID-free

Much safer than face to face session because you and I won’t use the same instrument.

It’s vital if you have any health concerns or you are especially vulnerable for the virus.

2 Easy to join

It’s easy to attend as you can access my lesson from your room!

You don’t need to travel to my place or to hassle to clean your room before I come!

Just hop on to your piano and turn on your laptop or your smartphone and Voila! You are ready to go!

3 Fantastic progress

My online piano lesson is a live tutorial, not a recorded tutorial video or an app.

You learn the piano with your own teacher (me!)

To improve your piano skill faster and better, I’ll be with you and navigate you.

You don’t have to make lots of trials and errors and waste your time.

You can discuss your concerns and your requests with me, and I support your progress.

It helps your understanding and enriches your learning experience.

Let’s start now!

piano lesson

Now is the time to start learning the piano and make your piano dream come true.

Send the inquiry below and ask the availability.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.